Heliconius Butterfly

Bald Eagle, Alaska

American Bison

Roseate Spoonbills

Red Fox


Understanding & Using the RAW File Format

Learn the advantages of the RAW file format, and how to harness its power to acquire the best image quality in digital photography.

Perceptible Variance Between RAW & JPEG Images 

Are there notable differences between RAW and JPEG Images which are processed to correct underexposure or overexposure?  See for yourself.

 Interpreting & Using Histograms

Correctly interpret the histogram on the digital camera's LCD screen, and then make on-the-spot adjustments to achieve perfect exposure.

Image Alteration & Ethics

Under what circumstances, if any, is it ethical to alter an image in nature & wildlife photography?

Disclosure & Game Farm Photography

Do photographers  have an ethical duty to disclose that the photograph of a captive animal was not taken in the wild?

 Flight Portraits 

Consider the creative aspects of photographing  birds in flight at close range to add fresh and original images to your portfolio. 

Complementary Color 

Learn to identify complementary color, and to use its unique power to create and compose stunning color photographs.

 Hyperfocal  Distance

By setting a lens to the "hyperfocal distance" for the aperture selected, the photographer can achieve maximum depth of field.

Exposure Without a Meter

Here is the formula for calculating the correct exposure of an image, without a meter, in bright daylight - the "Sunny f/16 Rule".

Inspiration from Nature

A compilation of thought-provoking quotations drawing inspiration from nature and wildlife, with related photographs.